Announcing Case-2014-02: Switching Suppliers at Nokia

John Ellenberger, Director of Engineering at Nokia, is in the woes of planning the 2.0 release of Nokia’s highly successful multimedia messaging service (MMS) software. He needs to pay special attention to the software supply chain, specifically the vendor providing the database software that Nokia’s product is building on. The vendor is in financial troubles and its product is having performance problems. Yet, switching to a more expensive alternative has its own challenges. Just what to do?

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Announcing Case 2014-01: User Experience Design at Immowelt

Markus Teschner, head of product management at real-estate web-portal Immowelt, is leading the definition and design of the new Note Taking feature. Many options are on the table and different user experience design techniques provide different answers as to which design is best. Finally, Teschner decides to use Personas to help him and his team decide which design to choose for the Note Taking feature.

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Announcing Case 2013-02: Two-sided Markets at Netdosis

Markus Stipp, first-time entrepreneur and CEO of recently founded healthcare software startup Netdosis, has to stare down many concurrent issues facing his young firm. One fundamental question, however, stands out: He and his co-founders lack solid data that shows that their business model is working and that the addressable market is sufficient to ensure financing, rapid growth and ultimately success of the startup. Stipp and his CFO Christoph Wille need to find answers urgently.

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Announcing Case 2012-01: Ensuring Innovation at Method Park

Erich Meier, VP of product management at software product firm Method Park, has to decide on how to position his company for innovation and future growth. The company is getting buried by a large number of one-off feature requests by its established customers. This work on custom features rarely makes it into the main product and keeps valuable resources away from product innovation. The VP needs to make a hard decision: Satisfy existing customers and endanger future market leadership or focus on innovation and risk alienating well-paying customers?

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Hello Product Managers of the World!

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