Inside hell flats where yobs smoke weed, defecate and have ‘noisy sex’ in gardens


Elderly residents living at an apartment complex say their lives are being made hell by people smoking weed, defecating and having ‘noisy sex’ in their communal gardens.

Fed-up tenants say their quality of life is suffering as a result of being terrorised by yobs and anti-social behaviour at Cranham Court, in Warndon, Worcester.

They claim louts have been launching bottles and cans onto their property while other intruders smoke cannabis and even disgustingly poo in their communal garden area.

Locals have also reported amorous couples having sex around the back of the flats in a spot residents have now dubbed “canoodle corner’.

They said they also regularly see gangs of youths climbing on the roof of a nearby primary school and kicking the fences at the rear of their homes.

Residents Pam Key, 58, her husband Graham Key, 71, Lyn Gleeson, 54, and Lorraine Butler, 64, are now demanding action after being plagued by nuisance behaviour.

Local councillor Jill Desayrah has written to housing providers Platform Housing to complain about ‘human fouling and copulation in shared outside spaces’.

She wrote: “It was obvious that the residents of Cranham Court have been/are being subjected to serial episodes of antisocial behaviour and criminal damage around their homes.

“The resulting injury to their quality of life and mental wellbeing warrants treating the situation with both urgency and resolve.”

Residents now want the flats gated off, a concrete fence installed and the alleyway at the back of the block closed at night.

Cllr Desayrah says she has raised various issues at Cranham Court with West Mercia Police, Worcester City Council and Platform Housing which manages the flats.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said they had not had reports of people having sex but were ‘aware of the issues’ including people kicking fences.

He added: “We are aware of the issues and we are in talks with residents and with Platform Housing and are monitoring the situation.”