Teaching Cases

PM by Case offers the following (ever growing) list of software product management cases. (If you are new to the concept of teaching cases, please read the case method explained first.)

Case ID Case Name
2016-04 Pricing at Actano
2016-03 Hard Software Marketing Choices at Owncloud
2016-02 Stock Options at Caldera
2016-01 Getting Licensing Right at OwnCloud
2014-03 Specifying ‘Wow!’ at Elektrobit
2014-02 Switching Suppliers at Nokia
2014-01 User Experience Design at Immowelt
2013-03 Confused Modeling at Eva’s Way
2013-02 Two-sided Markets at Netdosis
2013-01 Herding Requirements at GfK
2012-02 Going Agile at Elisa
2012-01 Ensuring Innovation at Method Park

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